Historic Hartwell Mural

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Please find, below, the list of donors and the names that have been hidden within our historic mural. The mural is located on the side of the historic Gallant-Belk building at the corner of W Franklin St. and N Forest Ave.


Adams, Andy
Agnew, Doris
Jenkins, Craft, Magoon & Barnett Families
Barnett, Billie Magoon
Bender, Ann
Brothers, Bobby
Bryant, Kathy
CAT Imagination Library Team
Cleary, Henley & Jerry
Cronic, Barbara
Daniel, Randy & Ruth
Dickerson, Paula & Johnny
Dismuke, Maxine, Kathy & Bill
Edmunds, Jack & Barbara
Kim Edmunds Bond
Fleming, Helen
Terrell FlemingGarringer, Marcie
Jack & Mary Gidley
Glenn, Alice
Gordon, Walter
HCHS Class of 1965
Hanson, Ember & Kayla
Hardigree, Nancy
Eugene W Harper, Jr
Dollie T Harper
Lindsey M Carr
Taylor L Carr
Harper, Pat
Hartwell Service League
Hoffman, Vicki
Holder, Maureen & Steve
Honiotes, Matthew & Susan
Hutchinson, Hutch & Tammy
Jackson, Allen
Jackson, Carey
Johnson, Brandon
Jones, Christy
Leard, Bill & Kathy
Long, Celia P
Mack’s Funeral Home
Matthews, Beth & Woody
Metzger, Rebecca & Brian
Mewborn, Curtis F, Jr & Richard S
Morgan, Vivian
Nelms, Danny & Brenda
Oglesby, Susan & Darrell McRae
Ortiz, Alan
Pate, Bobby
Pfaender Family (Kathy)
Pierce, Kim
Powell, Bill & Sara
Ray, Debbie
Rhodes, Barbara
Schell, Janet & Marijean Holland
Seabolt, Mark
Smith, Ed & Pudge
Smith, Rita & Lenford
Stewart, Allen
Teasley, Kim
Teasley, Sharon
Warren, Patty & Roy Forey
Whelan, Chuck
Williams, DruAnn
Children-Billy, Betsy & Wayne

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