“Shop, Dine & Do Business in Downtown Hartwell!”

10 reasons to shop local:

1. For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $45 goes back into the community and our tax base. For every $100 spent at a chain store, only $14 comes back into the community. Independent businesses support other independent businesses- critical for an active economy.

2. Main Street-Many communities are recreating a Main Street area in order to bring back that sense of community that urban sprawl & strip centers have destroyed. Hartwell has the real thing- our Main Street economic center has been in place for many years.

3. Jobs-According to the Small Business Administration, independent businesses are one of the largest employers nationally.

4. Smart Growth-Local stores help sustain vibrant, compact, walkable districts that in turn help reduce congestion, pollution, and loss of green space.

5. Community Roots-Neighborhood businesses are owned by people who live here, work here, have families here, spend their money here and care about Hartwell’s future.

6. Healthy Competition-Local businesses can quickly respond to changing market conditions and create innovative products and services to meet demand.

7. Entrepreneurship-Hartwell is “Entrepreneur Friendly”: Independent businesses fuel economic growth and enable citizens to move out of low wage jobs into a stable financial future. The Hartwell DDA has a local Entrepreneur Initiative in place to assist local entrepreneurs.

8. It’s unique-Independent businesses select products based on their own interests and the needs of their customers, not that of a national corporate sales headquarters.

9. Charity begins at home-Neighborhood businesses generously support local nonprofits; an average 350% more than nonlocally owned businesses

10. The personal touch-In an age of chain stores that are the same no matter where you go, local retailers add personal service and familiarity that tells you that your patronage counts.
“10 Reasons” was gathered in part from the Main Street Digest Monthly Publication.

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