A Letter to Main Street’s Volunteers


To: Hartwell Main Street Volunteers,

I offer you my greetings and well wishes. I do hope this finds each of you well. Another year has come, and is nearly gone. The year in Hartwell has been dynamic. As an organization, whose roll is economic development, each of our volunteers have worked tirelessly to promote Hartwell as a place to do business. But not just a place to do business, as a place to live. Now we know, there is more to community development than ribbon cuttings. That result is to be celebrated, yet the real work in the trenches is not often seen. I want to thank you for the tireless effort that is volunteerism. Let’s face it, you could be doing something else; likely something else you find more enjoyable. Volunteerism isn’t possible without sacrifice.

I often talk about Hartwell and how the spirit of volunteerism is as strong here as anyplace I have ever been. Hartwell has been noticed by other Main Street programs. I have received several calls about our program, how it works, and how is it successful? I always answer with one word: volunteers.

I am reminded of a conversation I recently had with a dear friend of mine, Samar Gul, who was an interpreter for my unit in Afghanistan. I asked why…why volunteer for this job knowing it could get you and your family targeted by the Taliban. He answered in such an eloquent and simple way, “that volunteerism encourages responsibility.”

This group of Hartwell Main Street Volunteers, and other volunteers in the community are a force that encourages responsibility and is, in my opinion, the glue that holds together and protects the identity of Hartwell. To that I say, stay the course, and thank you for your service to this community.

With the highest regards,

Jason Ford -Economic and Community Development Director, Hartwell

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