Main Street Program Impact

It is that time of year again. We are working on summarizing all the work we have done this year, and at the same time preparing for 2020. I thought I would just take a moment and share with you the impact of the Main Street Program across Georgia. There are 155 Main Street cities. Across Georgia in 2018, over 3000 jobs were created as a result of the program, and 657 buildings were renovated. Volunteers across the state worked nearly 821,000 hours supporting their communities. Finally, there was $533 million dollars spent on public and private investment.

As the year pulls towards the end, we are working on compiling those numbers for our local Main Street Program. This year has been a phenomenal year for Downtown Hartwell. Buildings have been renovated, businesses have been opened, and capital projects are near completion. It has been an exciting year, and 2020 looks good also. This is in no small part to our designation as a Rural Zone. This program will generate thousands of dollars in tax credits for job creators and investors in our Downtown over the next five years, which will incentivize economic growth necessary to keep pace in a competitive market place. The idea being, to invite local and regional entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Downtown so that we can protect the charm and character of Hartwell. After all, the Main Street Program’s goal is to look at economic growth through the lens of historic preservation. It is one of the most important goals of our program.

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  1. Pre Fourth, Depot Days, Tour of Homes, Monster Bash, Scarecrows, Octoberfest, all our events help the city. The rehab of the Pure Oil Station was major. Depot street overhaul, the possibility that these types of renovations and events will continue, is a major draw for businesses . The city will continue to thrive if the community will shop local and patronize our current businesses.

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